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CXA21K – 1KW 2/4 Channel Digital DSP Amplifier | Cloud

CXA21K power amplifiers has been designed to provide configurable, consistent and reliable high performance audio power amplification for residential, commercial and entertainment applications.

The CXA21K amplifier is full rack width, 2U format power amplifier that can drive both conventional low impedance (Lo-Z, 2Ω to 8Ω) loudspeakers and high impedance (Hi-Z, 70V/100V) transformer coupled loudspeakers. They provide four analogue inputs, one stereo S/PDIF digital input, and either two or four outputs (Lo-Z mode), or one or two outputs (Hi-Z or Lo-Z BTL mode). CXA21K amplifier model output channel counts and power outputs are as follows:

Mode Channels Max Rated Output per Channel
Lo-Z Four 500 Watts
Lo-Z Two 1000 Watts
Hi-Z Two 1000 Watts

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